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$360.00 1 cord (kiln dried)
$350.00 2+ cords (kiln dried)
$240.00 1 cord (green)
$225.00 2+ cords (green)

Prices are for 16 and 18 inch wood call for
pricing on special order lengths.

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Hawkes Firewood has been offering high quality kiln dried firewood in the Mid-Coast Maine region since 1989. The boiler that heats the kiln was upgraded to utilize wood biomass for fuel. Not using fossil fuel means our kiln dried wood is a truly green and environmentally friendly product. Unlike seasoned or green firewood, kiln dried firewood is always insect and mold free, making it safe to store in your home. Since the moisture content is between 15-20%, kiln dried wood burns cleaner than seasoned wood, producing less smoke, ash and creosote. Also less of the heat produced by your wood is spent evaporating the water out of your firewood. You get the most home heating value from your firewood dollar using a kiln dried product.

We start with only high quality tree-length stem wood (beech, birch, maple, oak, and ash). No branches, leaves or rotten wood goes onto the processor. This assures a uniform quality product. Using a firewood processor assures that all our wood is cut to even lengths and has minimal debris or large slivers of wood. After cutting and splitting, the wood is placed in measured one cord baskets for drying prior to delivery. We can custom cut your firewood to between 14 and 22 inches. 16 and 18 inch wood are the most common sizes and are considered the industry standard.

Fuel Value Calculator
This PDF is published by the USDA and Forest Products Laboratory and provides further education on heat sources and ability to compare the relative value of each.

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Mailing address: PO Box 311, Phippsburg, Maine 04562

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